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Crowns are used to cover and support a tooth with a large filling, repair broken, fractured or decayed teeth, protect a weak tooth from breaking, replace teeth repaired by a root canal, or simply for cosmetic enhancements.


Artificial teeth used to 'bridge' the gap where one or more teeth are missing. The restoration can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials and is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.

Teeth Whitening

A simple, non-invasive dental treatment that alters your teeth’s natural enamel and can be accomplished in our office or at home. We offer an efficient in-chair bleaching process in addition to the more traditional method of wearing custom-fit bleaching trays. 

Root Canals

This procedure requires the removal of the core or “pulp” of the tooth. The root canal is cleaned and then sealed by a filling to prevent any further damage to the tooth. Your dentist will then place a crown over the tooth to help make it stronger.


If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, whether from periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury, Alum Creek Dental Care can fix your smile by providing you with a a variety of types of complete dentures.


After completing a thorough examination, we can perform tooth extractions quickly and with minimal discomfort to treat a host of dental conditions, including advanced gum disease, excessive decay, broken, cracked or damaged teeth.

Soft Tissue Maintenance

At Alum Creek Dental Care we offer a comprehensive Soft Tissue Maintenance Program that is designed to treat and manage all levels of gum disease. It is a customized cleaning program designed to fit your specialized needs.

Dental Fillings

If you have chipped, cracked/broken or decayed teeth our Dentists at Alum Creek Dental Care can repair your teeth using a variety of filling materials. The advances in materials allow our Dentists to restore your teeth to their original shape in one appointment.


If you have gaps in your teeth, teeth that are stained or chipped, or you just want a more uniform smile, Veneers may be an option for you. Our Dentists can place a thin porcelain veneer on top of your teeth that can help you regain your beautiful smile.

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